All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

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All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

3-D Shop

Welcome to the 3D shop website! Always feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns!

MCAD's wood shop, metal shop, foundry, spray booths, variable fabrication space, and digital lab are located in the 3D Shop. The 3D Shop is open to the entire college community. Current Shop policy, guidelines and other pertinent information can be found by following the links below. *Keep scrolling. We got a lotta stuff to share!*

3D Shop Information for the first week of classes (January 18th though January 23rd) for Spring 2022.


In support of all 3D shop users during the first week of remote learning and the safety protocols put in place due to the emergence of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, the 3D shop staff offer these points of guidance to help navigate students, faculty and staff with the use and access of the shop spaces, equipment and services.


• The 3D shop will maintain normal hours of operation (Monday through Thursday 8am until 9pm, Friday 8am until 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 5pm).  Access to the 3D shop during the remote learning week is restricted to advanced students only and with approved appointments.


• During these hours of operation shop staff will be available to assist with tool check out and provide guidance on all tools and processes. Demo requests will not be available at this time.  Staff will also be available for online consultation to support faculty and their classes during or before class meetings.  Students wanting to consult with shop staff must also do so via e-mail and or online meetings.


• Those advanced students wanting to use the 3d shop to perform any work tasks involving any shop spaces and or equipment / process must contact the 3d shop via e-mail to request access.  Please be specific as to the nature of you work request.  Shop staff will review your requests and respond as quickly as we can.   All process may not be available during this remote learning week.

Access, capacity levels and time constraints will be assessed during all work days in order to maintain a safe work environment. 


• During the remote learning week, faculty with their classes may not tour the shop space or meet in person with shop staff. In person demonstration request will be put on hold until another date can be arranged. Online meetings can be arranged by contacting the 3d shop.


• The procedures for digital lab requests will remain the same.  Please see details below.


• All normal shop schedules and procedures will resume beinging the week of January 25th.


Please feel free to contact Don Myhre (3D shop director) at

 or (612 874-3642) if you have any questions or concerns about our procedures during the remote learning week.



Shop Access information!

MCAD community has access to the Main 3D Shop Areas whenever the campus facilities are open (generally 24/7). This means that lights will be on, tables and hand tools available for your use. Some larger tools and processes are discontinued during unstaffed hours. The shop is staffed during the semester from 8 AM-9 PM Monday-Thursday, 8 AM-6 PM Friday, Noon-5 PM Saturday and Sunday. This means that power is on to the stationary tools and staff is available to help. Monday-Friday from 1 pm- 6 pm, classes in session have priority to the shop space. This means shop users NOT in that particular class may be asked to move or wait until class is over to work. Plan on doing your outside-of-class work during our Open Swim hours. Open Swim means that all MCAD community members are welcome to use the shop. These Open Swim hours are Monday- Thursday 8 am - 1 pm & 6 pm- 9 pm, Friday 8 am-1 pm,  Saturday & Sunday noon- 5 pm

Sewing room: The sewing room is available to the MCAD community by making an appointment with shop staff. Stop by and talk to a tech or email to make an appointment for the sewing room. Be sure to get in touch at least 24 hours in advance of when you need to use the sewing room.

Appointments: You can make an appointment with a member of the shop staff to get extra instruction on a process, learn a new tool, or get a refresher on a demonstration.  All you will do is stop by the 3D Shop and schedule an appointment by talking to a technician or sending us an email at requesting an appointment, naming a few times that work for you, and giving us some details about your needs. We'll email you back to confirm a time and instruct you on what you'll need to bring with you. Then, you'll be sure to show up for your appointment or cancel it in advance (we hate being stood up!) and get to work.   

New 3D Shop Store!

We now have new materials available for purchase in the 3D Shop! Look here for the full list of materials and prices.  Materials are paid for using Papercut.  See the Knowledge Base article here for info on how to add money to your Papercut account.