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Art Installation Guidelines & Resources

We offer in-person assistance with art installation via appointment. These appointments are necessary if you are installing media equipment from the Media Center. To make an appointment with our Exhibitions Services Lead Specialist, please email with details about your installation, including when and where you will need assistance. Though we are sometimes available for walk-ins, we can't guarantee availability. If you have a site-specific installation planned, or need advice on how to install your work, please contact us well ahead of time! 

Below are several resources outlining preferred methods and procedures for installing artwork and media equipment. These are a great starting point for installing artwork if you do not require assistance from us. 

Installing Artwork and Media Guidelines 
Detailed step-by-step procedures for installing artwork and media equipment.

Hanging and Suspending Artwork Guide
This visual guide illustrates all approved and prohibited methods for hanging and suspending artwork. Please consult with the Exhibition and Studio Services Department BEFORE hanging any artwork from the ceiling.

Methods for Installing 2D Work
A visual reference for different methods of installing 2D work.

MCAD Gallery Label/Didactic Template 
A template and step-by-step instructions on how to make labels and didactics.