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New Hire Technology Onboarding

If your department is hiring a new employee, follow the instructions outlined here to make sure they have the account access and

equipment they’ll need for their position.

It is the Hiring Manager’s responsibility to notify the Help Desk of new hires one week in advance of their start date if the employee

will need a computer or any access to systems besides those listed as a default below. 

This article addresses staff, not newly hired faculty or student workers, and it ONLY addresses the Technology portions of onboarding. Please connect with HR as soon as you are ready to make an offer to a candidate and work closely with them throughout the onboarding process.

Technology onboarding timeline for hiring managers:

1 week before start date - Send an email to to 1) make an appointment for in-person account and/or computer set up at Help Desk for a time after their first-day meeting with HR to sign paperwork and 2) request a computer (see copy-and-paste list below!) for your new employee, if needed. We will not automatically have a laptop ready unless requested. Please scroll down for more details on our hardware policy.

First Day - Your new employee will meet with HR to complete paperwork in person. At this time, you may request any special (non-standard) account access for your new employee using the Account Access Request Form. See below for information about what access is granted automatically and what you might need to request. At least 15 minutes after the completion of HR paperwork, the new employee will visit the Help Desk in person to set a password and receive a laptop if requested and eligible. For remote employees, alternatives will be available with advanced notice. 


When a new employee is fully onboarded in Paylocity, an MCAD Login account is automatically created for them. New employees must complete all onboarding paperwork one week before their start date for their accounts to be created automatically in time for their first day.

If a new employee needs access to any systems other than those listed below, their supervisor must submit the Account Request Form at least one week in advance of the date that this access is needed.

By default, Full- and Part-Time Benefits Eligible staff get:

  • MCAD Gmail account
  • MCAD Wireless
  • Login permissions on public lab computers
  • Equipment checkout permissions at the Media Center
  • Papercut account - for printing access to public printers and Service Bureau services
  • Full Adobe Creative Cloud suite

By default, Casual Labor employees have access to an MCAD Gmail account and nothing else. Any other access needed by a Casual Labor employee must be requested by their supervisor using the Account Request Form.

When Paylocity onboarding is complete and their account is created, new hires may receive an email at their non-MCAD email address with instructions and a link to set their MCAD login. Staff can also set or reset their password here. If they didn’t receive a setup email, they’ll need to call or visit the Help Desk in person. Our number is 612-874-3666, and appointments can be arranged by emailing

Examples of types of access that you'll need to submit the Account Request Form in order to give your new employee:

  • Windows credentials to log into a Windows computer, VM, department share, or certain software. Contact the Help Desk to set a Windows password. 
  • Access to a department share (also sometimes called a “server” or “drive”)
  • Canvas, Jenzabar and MyMCAD
  • Any access besides email for a Casual Labor employee


Please review our Staff Hardware Policy (scroll down for a brief summary). If a new hire needs a computer or other hardware, Hiring Managers MUST contact the Help Desk at least 1 week in advance of the date they need to pick up the hardware. The Help Desk isn’t automatically notified of new hires and doesn’t automatically have computers ready for them. In some cases, new hardware will need to be ordered. Failure to contact the Help Desk with enough advance notice will result in delays in issuing hardware.

To request a computer, please email the following information (feel free to copy and paste!) -

Employee’s name:


Start date:

Day and time when the employee will pick up the computer (allow 15 minutes for setup):

Is this employee full or part-time benefits eligible, casual labor, or something else? (By default, we provide benefits eligible staff with an Apple laptop and charger. Casual Labor employees are not typically provided with computers.)

Is this employee replacing a recently departed employee?

Does this employee need any other equipment for their position?


Here's a few key notes about MCAD's staff hardware policy (find the full policy here). If your request falls outside the scope of what we offer by default, be aware that exceptions are subject to department approval.

  • By default, full- and part-time benefits eligible staff are eligible to borrow one computer for work use during their time at MCAD. This is usually an Apple laptop and its charging cable. Adapters may be offered as well if needed for work duties.
  • Casual Labor employees are not typically provided with MCAD hardware.
  • At this time, external displays (monitors) and other non-computer hardware are not provided by the Technology department and must be purchased with departmental funds. Please contact the MCAD technology team to coordinate any additional equipment purchases to ensure compatibility with all MCAD resources.


Thank you so much for helping to make this process run smoothly for everyone! We look forward to meeting your new team members.