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Paylocity is MCAD’s HRMS/HRIS (human resources management system or human resources information system) that all employees have access to. It combines a number of systems and processes to ensure that all of employee data is secure, employees are paid correctly and on time, benefits are managed appropriately, and employees can connect with one another. A few key modules of the system are highlighted here. 


  • RECRUITING: Used by hiring managers for reviewing and communicating with candidates and is only available in the web version. 

  • ONBOARDING: Introduces candidates to MCAD’s culture and values and includes forms that are required before an employee can begin working.Onboarding can be completed on a mobile device, but not via the app and is also available in the web version. 

  • SELF-SERVICE: Includes MCAD’s internal job board, benefits information, digital pay stubs, tax forms, time off balances, employee directory, and a live updating organizational chart (TEAMS).The majority of functions are available in both the mobile app and the web version.

  • EMPLOYEE RECORD: Space for updates to home addresses, emergency contact information, tax set up, and more.

  • TIME AND ATTENDANCE: Hourly employees and/or supervisors of hourly employees will track time here. Time and attendance is available in both the mobile app and web version. 

  • BENEFITS: Information about all MCAD benefits are available through self-service including time off balances and benefit guides.

  • COMMUNITY: Important announcements will be posted here. 

  • IMPRESSIONS: Impressions is the peer to peer recognition system in Paylocity. This is a way to share thanks and appreciation for colleagues.

  • TRAININGS: Listed under "Tasks to Complete" in the Self-Service portal.





 This page was last updated on Monday, March 29th, 2021.