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Tutoring and Mentoring

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Our writing tutors helps students with writing at any stage and any level, including course assignments and professional documents.


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Our software tutors helps students with software and technical skills associated with any MCAD course. In addition, many of the software tutors can offer advanced help in programs outside of those required for use. 


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Success coaching appointments go beyond tutoring help with specific assignments. These appointments can be done in a weekly recurring meeting, single meetings at key points in time, or any combination of the two. They may be particularly helpful to students during times of stress, or to help students meet long or short term goals. Success coach appointments are a flexible service intended to support all students at every level in their academic and life goals. Success coaching appointments can offer support with:

  • strategies for improving academic performance
  • time management
  • setting goals and priorities
  • preparing for Junior Review
  • stress management
  • health and well-being
  • professional development
  • preparing for graduation


If you have any questions, please contact the Learning Center Director at:

How to Make an Appointment:


The purpose of the peer mentor program is to provide first-year MCAD students and those students who have been placed on academic probation with a mentor and a small cohort of fellow students to aid in the transition to college/a new semester and give support for study skills, time management, metacognition, and multiliteracy, including technology and financial literacy.

Peer Mentors are current students in good academic and social standing who have experience as successful leaders at MCAD. Through regular meetings and communication, mentors provide new students with a pathway to success at the college and support towards graduation to reach their academic and personal goals.

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