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About the Digital Print Lab

The Digital Print Lab is located in Room 317.  It’s purpose is to serve as a production facility for upper level Photo, Design, Illustration, and Comic Art students.



-5 Epson Stylus Pro 4900s (3 Photo Black Ink, 2 Matte Black Ink)

They print on virtually any media type, in roll or cut sheet, from letter up to 17-inches wide.

-2 Epson Stylus Pro 7900s (1 Photo Black Ink, 1 Matte Black Ink)

One is set up with a 24" Matte roll and one is set up with a 24" Premium Luster roll.

-1 Epson v700 scanner with holders for 35mm, 120, and 4x5 film as well as a holder for 35mm mounted slides. It also has an Area guide that

allows scanning of 8x10 film and contact sheets.

-1 Imacon scanner with holders for 35mm, 6x6/2¼ x 2¼, 6x7/2¼ x 2¾, and 4x5 film.


Access to the Digtal Print Lab is restricted. Please read: Access to the Digital Print Lab.

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