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What You Need to Know About Printing at MCAD

MCAD uses a print management solution, called PaperCut, to monitor and manage the college-s printing, reduce overall print costs based on actual usage, and raise awareness about sustainable and responsible printing practices. Most colleges and schools use this kind of technology to reduce waste and educate users to make responsible printing decisions.

Print allotments for students

Students get $10 credited to their print accounts every August 1st. Prints sent to and released from public printers will be charged to your PaperCut account automatically. Some printers in the Service Bureau (like the SB-Konica-Color) are managed by SB staff and files sent to those printers will be charged to your account manually.

- You can revalue your account online with a credit/debit card or by purchasing MCAD PaperCut Cards in the Art Cellar.

- MCAD PaperCut Card values are $2.50, $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, and $100.

- Credit/Debit value options are $10, $20, $30, $50, and $100.

- You get to decide how you manage your printing.

- Student account balances will carry over year-to-year until you withdraw or graduate.

- If you have a balance in you account on August 1st, the $10 credit will be added on to your current balance.

- Once you withdraw or graduate, remaining account balances cannot be dispersed and will expire.

Print tracking and management for all users

The PaperCut system allows you to log in to your printing account to view and manage your printing.

- Visit and login with your MCAD ID to view your personal printing account.

- You have access to your own personal release queue.

- You can release prints from any computer on campus via the web interface.

- Make sure to only release prints when you-re near the printer!

- You have access to a detailed print log where you can also request refunds for mis-prints.

- You can see a personalized environmental impact summary.

Standard Pricing for Printers and Copiers

You pay the same prices no matter where you print on campus (including Epson prints), or whether you make a print or a copy. Our complete Pricing and Service Guide can be found here.

Laptop Users

- Official MCAD supported laptops (and desktop lab computers) will automatically work with the PaperCut system (though you will need to download and run the MCAD Printer Utility to get new printers we-ve added).

- Laptop users with non-standard or unsupported user directory names (that don-t correspond to your MCAD Login) must download and run a different printer setup utility that includes a printing application for proper tracking and authentication. Without this application you will be unable to print from that specific laptop.

- Currently Windows laptops are unsupported. Users must print from a suppported Mac laptop or public desktop.

Print to Public Copiers

>The Library and the 3rd floor of the Main building have public multifunction printers that are both printers and copiers! Also, basic color printing in the Library! If you need to print something at the 3am, the 3rd Floor Main printer is your friend!

Questions, tips, common issues, and FAQs

How many free prints do I get?

Student accounts are credited $10 every year on August 1st, which equals 250 Letter-sized BW prints (single-sided) or about 22 Letter-sized Konica Color prints. Your mileage will vary depending on how you choose to use your allotment.

I am faculty or staff - do I have to pay?

Faculty and staff printing accounts are associated with a shared department account by default. Your department head will receive a monthly report of all public printing charges. Personal printing can be charged to your personal PaperCut account manually by SB staff once you have put money in your account. See THIS article on how to log in and add value to your PaperCut account.

Can I get a refund if my prints are messed up or don-t come out right?

Yes. If you followed all posted instructions and your prints still didn-t come out right, there was a mechanical problem with the printer, or the toner was low, you can log into your print account and request a refund.

- Log into your printing account at and click on the Recent Print Jobs button.

- Find the file you want to request a refund for.

- On the far right side you will see a Request Refund link. Click it.

- Fill in the form with as much detailed information as you can.

- For color print refund requests you will also need to fill out a form in the SB or DPL and submit your bad print.

- Requests will be reviewed within 24 hours by fulltime Service Bureau staff.

I sent a file but it didn-t show up in the release queue

- Does the home directory on your laptop differ from your MCAD Login shortname (i.e., joesmith instead of jsmith?)

- If so, you must install and run the -CLIENT REQUIRED- version of the MCAD Printer Utility that includes the
PaperCut client - see info below.

- You may have sent a document set to a size the printer does not support. The SB-BW-Letter and SB-BW-11x17 printers are set up to only accept files of those sizes. You will get an automated warning from the PaperCut server.

Blank Pages

Pay attention to what you-re printing - you will be charged for blank pages. Unfortunately there-s no way around this. Even if a page is blank, both the printer and PaperCut recognize it as a -page- and you will be charged for it.

- Be careful when printing from the internet, gmail, google docs, etc!

- Many websites have a -printer friendly- button you can click for their printable content.

- For books where there may be blank pages as part of the layout, there is no way to avoid paying for a blank page or two.

PDFs are your friends

Save files to PDF first, then print, to ensure you print exactly what you want, especially when printing from the internet!

How do I get updated printers on my laptop?

You can download the MCAD Printer Utility from the SB's intranet page at

- If you have an officially supported MCAD laptop (with a proper username):

- Download MCAD Printer Setup Utility.

- Double-click on the application that comes up and check off all the printers you want.

- If you have a non-standard home directory (like -joesmith-) you will need the CLIENT REQUIRED version of the utility.

How do I get the PaperCut client on my laptop?

If you have a laptop with a non-standard home directory name and need to run the PaperCut Client:

- Go to Printers & Fax in System Prefs and delete all current MCAD BW printers.

- Download MCAD Printer Utility - CLIENT REQUIRED.

- Double-click on the printer application that comes up and check off all the printers you want.

- Drag the PCClient utility into your applications folder and launch it.

- If prompted, log in with your MCAD Login.

- The first time you print you will be prompted to log in. Use your MCAD Login and set the -remember- option to -until I logout.-

- The PCClient app needs to be running at all times or you cannot print (we suggest adding it to your Login Items list).

Don't share your MCAD login

It is against college policy to share your login information. If you do so, whomever knows your login can charge their printing to your account. Keep your login and password secure!

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