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What is the URL for my student, faculty or staff website?

MCAD Technology has created a short, easily accessible URL for website access using the Studio server.

Any files uploaded to your Studio server inside of the Public_HTML folder are served to the web, and these sites/files are accessible on any internet connect device from your web browser of choice.

The composition of the URL for visiting your publicly served website reflects the file structure inside of the public_html folder, where public_html serves as the "Root" directory for your website.

If you put a file labeled "FileName.html" inside of a folder called "FolderName" and uploaded that to your public_html folder you would be able to visit that site by typing the following into your browser:

  • https://<username>

Since the Public_HTML folder is the Root directory of your site you don't need to specify that when typing in the URL in a browser. For example, if you placed any file into the public_html folder without a sub-folder, they would simply be accessed by going to https://<username>

Be aware that MCAD does not allow directory lookups to web traffic served on these sites, so if you do not specify a file in your URL you'll get a Forbidden error telling you that you don't have permissions to view this folder. For this reason, we highly recommend that you remember to place an "Index" file in the root of any folder/subfolder to prevent this issue.

  • NOTE: Folders and Filenames in URLs are case-sensitive. When trying to access your site, be sure to type your URLs correctly, remembering to include capital letters, and avoid spaces to prevent the need to input encoding references such as "%20"


If you have questions about accessing your URL, please contact the MCAD Help desk by emailing or by phone at 612-874-3666.


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