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Common Toonboom Troubleshooting

If Student/Faculty have trouble with Licenses


-Students/ Faculty can reach out to the Animation Specialist if they have any questions regarding a problem.


How to Return a License on your own 


-If Student/Faculty wanted to return a license for any reason (reimaging a computer, using a different computer, updated OS, etc). They can do this via License Wizard. 


-First Open Harmony or Storyboard Pro application:

Next, go to the top left corner of the screen, and under Harmony Premium, go to Harmony Tools -> License Wizard.


Once Signed in, you will reach this page, which shows the licenses that are currently installed on your computer. If both Harmony and Storyboard Pro are installed onto your computer and you wish to return the license. Press the Return Button or Return All. Once you have done this, your school license is now back in your account, and can sign in and activate the license onto a new computer, or reinstall the license onto your computer once it has been repaired.

You can only return licenses 5 times in 2 days according to Toon Boom’s policy. If there are any issues with this, please contact for support. 


Returning a License Online


If Student/Faculty wanted to return a license via online (usually done to move the license to another computer, or personal computer) They can follow this guide:

How to return a Local License via Internet



Common Problems

Faculty may be asked to provide a “Student ID”  ; faculty should input their id number in the student Id section and then select year 1 for their year of the program.


If you ever encounter a problem with the laptop in which you need to reformat it, or send it off to repair, but did not get the chance to return the licenses via license manager. You can always email

-For Students/ Faculty who have issues with software issues that have no clear solution, toonboom can offer technical services from their end.


- Students/ Faculty can write to  (using their mcad email) explaining the issue. Students should mention in the email that they are part of Minneapolis College of Art and Design and part of the Center of Excellence Program. The Licencing department will help with any licensing issues that cannot be resolved from the user-end.


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