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Scanning with OCR (searchable text)

Both the copier in the 3rd floor hallway, as well as the copier in the Library can scan text documents as searchable/editable text (OCR - Optical Character Recognition)


  • Log into the copier - swipe id, or key in username/password
  • Select "main menu" button
  • Select "scan"
  • Select "send to myself" (or other email through address book)
  • On the right hand panel select "PDF(compact)" this will open options
  • Choose "PDF" then select "OCR (text searchable)" option
  • (optionally/additionally, select 2 sided original if original is 2 sided)
  • Put document into scanner (or place face down on glass)
  • Push Start button (large green button)
  • check your email - file should be there fairly quickly
  • open PDF in acrobat - you should be able to select/search text now!
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