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When does access begin/end to my Blackboard classroom?

Here are some access policies for Blackboard classrooms:

Students Access:

  • Begins: the Sunday before your official start date. Your course will not appear in your class list until this point.
    Example: If your course begins Monday, Sept 5, you'll have access Sunday, Sept 4.

  • Ends: the last day of the month following the official end date of their class.
    Example: If your course ends Oct 15, you'll have access until Oct 31.

  • Exceptions: Graduating or CE students may have their MCAD accounts deactivated by IT prior to their date. Contact to see how long you will have access to your MCAD account.


Faculty Access:

  • Begins: 2 weeks (14 days) following student registration for a semester.
    Example: Students finish registering for Fall Semester on April 15. Faculty would have access to Fall semester's courses by April 29.

  • Ends: 3 weeks (21 days) after the beginning of the next term.
    Example: If fall semester begins Monday, Sept 5, faculty access to previous semester's courses ends Monday, Sept 26.

  • Exceptions: We're happy to accomodate faculty if they would like access to a course sooner or after than the dates above: just contact


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