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(Faculty) How do I connect to my Course Work server from a Windows computer?


Windows users must use a unique program to connect to MCAD servers. We recommend the use of filezilla, a free FTP-like program for Windows. You can download it from here.

Once you have Filezilla installed on your computer, use the following instructions.

  1. Open Filezilla. This brings up the Login window. Click on File and choose Site Manager to begin.
  2. Under Hostname enter or whichever you wish to connect to.
  3. For Protocol, make sure SFTP (allow SCP fallback)is selected.
  4. Choose Login type: Normal.
  5. Enter your MCAD Login information for User Name (e.g. mjordan).
  6. Enter your MCAD Login password for Password.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. If this is the first time you're connecting, a dialog box will appear asking you to accept the host key. This is part of the mechanism that makes the encryption work; you'll need to accept the key the first time.
  9. You will be taken to the root of the Classes/Department share. Openthe folderfor your class/department. You'll now be connected to the server and can drag and drop files between your local computer and your home directory on the server.

Downloading and Uploading Files

To download and upload files, you can simply drag and drop files between the two panes. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files between Filezilla panes and your file system.

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