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How to activate your Toonboom License

Toonboom Sign Up

Follow these instructions on how to sign up for Toonboom:


Here’s how to download your Harmony and Storyboard Pro licenses:

1. Click on link here:

2. Create an account using the email address provided by your school 

3. Complete Profile And Follow On-screen instructions

4. Activate Your Free desktop Subscription. 


After creating an account, you will be brought to a screen that looks like this:

Select the Download your Software button. M1 chip macbook users will download MacOS Silicon and other Macbook users will download MacOS Intel, if you are unsure of what product you have, reach out to the Animation Specialist, Taylor Guntharp.

Once you have installed Toonboom Harmony or Storyboard Pro, sign in to your account.



You will now have an active Toonboom Account! If you run into any problems, reach out to the Animation Specialist, Taylor Guntharp, for assistance. 


Toonboom Renewal

Log into Once you get to this screen, select the Download your Software option.

You will be brought to a new screen, select Click here torenew them now.

A confirmation screen will pop up.

To activate your license in the program, open Toonboom Harmony or Storyboard Pro. Under the application name at the top left of your screen, select License Wizard.

Sign into your account on the license wizard

Select Manage Local Licenses

A window will pop up showing your active licenses. If you still have active licenses from last year, select Return. Select Activate on the two new licenses.


You can now check that your licenses are active for the school year by selecting Manage Local Licenses. This is what they should look like.


You are now ready to use your Toonboom programs!

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