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How do I capture footage from a DVD or VHS in the MCAD library?

These instructions are for the capture station equipped with an iMac and VHS/DVD deck in the library lab.

* Please use headphones while capturing. 

* You may also need the Sony remote from the Library front desk when capturing from a DVD. 

Power on the VHS/DVD combo deck and the computer.

Log into the iMac and launch Elgato Video Capture from the Applications folder.

Verify from the File>Preferences menu that Temp Storage is selected in the "Save Movies In" drop down menu. In addition, make sure the Format drop down menu is set to H.264.

Give your file a name under "What is the name of the movie?" and select the approximate length of your clip (this does not have to be exact.) Click "Continue".

From the next screen, choose either S-Video for DVD or Composite (RCA) for VHS. For VHS use 4:3 and for DVD use 16:9 under Aspect Ratio options. Click "Continue".

Queue your video in the VHS/DVD deck to a bit before the point where you want to start capturing from. The remote will be needed for DVD navigation.

In the iMac, click the large red Start Recording button, then press Play on the VHS/DVD combo deck. Your video should begin playing and the iMac will capture it.

When your video is finished, click the Stop Recording button. 

Play back and trim your video to however longth you would like it. Click Continue when finished.

Note where your video file was saved to. Navigate to that folder and move the file to a personal drive or external storage media.

Please power off the VHS/DVD deck and the iMac when complete.

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