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Wacom/Artisul FAQ

My Wacom Cintiq or Tablet isn’t working, what should I do?

  1. Restart your computer

  2. Ensure all cables are properly connected to the tablet and laptop. Cintiqs and other graphic tablets with screens need to have a power source connected to the tablet as well. 

  3. Ensure the security settings are correct.

    1. Go to the Apple menu, open System Preferences, and select Security & Privacy.

    2. Go to the Privacy tab, select Accessibility or Input Monitoring then click on the lock at the bottom of the preferences to make changes. You will be asked to input your credentials.

    3. Ensure all Wacom programs are added to Accessibility and Input Monitoring. Your list should look like this:

      Wacom Tablet Utility, Wacom Display Settings, and Wacom Center can be added by using the + sign at the bottom of the list. Navigate to your Application Folder -> Wacom, select these three applications.

  4. Install/Reinstall the Wacom driver

    1. Uninstall all tablet/cintiq tablets. This includes Artisul, XP Pen, Huion, Xencelab etc.

    2. Navigate to,  and locate the driver for your Wacom Cintiq.  The model number for the Wacom is typically located on the back of the tablet.

    3. Once downloaded and installed, restart your computer.

    4. Ensure the security settings are correct (See B).

  5. Contact for additional support.





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