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How to Factory Reset iPads

All Media Center iPads intended to be used as graphic tablets must be factory reset unless they have apps, such as Procreate, added onto them by Media Center Staff. 

Factory Reset protects your information from being exposed to the next patron who uses the equipment, as well as allow other patrons to easily sign in to their Apple Account to download paid apps. 


When you sign in to the iPad, go to the Settings app at the bottom of the Home Page. 



Choose the general section on the left hand side, from here you’ll want to select Reset.


You will be brought to another window, you’ll choose Erase All Content. If you have troubles, try signing out of your Apple Account beforehand. 



A pop up will appear, asking for a confirmation on deleting all the content. Select Erase.


The iPad will close out and begin reloading again, you’ll come to a screen asking to choose a language. This means you’ve successfully reset your iPad.

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