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How do I create a disk image from SDHC or Compact Flash cards?

SDHC Cards or Compact Flash (CF) Cards

Making a disk image copy of a SDHC or CF card:

  1. Insert the SDHC or CF card into a USB card reader and connect the reader to the computer. If your laptop has a built-in SDHC card slot you may use this in place of an external card reader.
  2. Open Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility
  3. In the left window pane, select the memory card
  4. Select New Image from the top tool bar.
    • Name your new disk image and select a destination for it.
    • Image Format: read-only
    • Encryption: none
    • Click Save
  5. Disk Utility will ask you to enter your computer's admin password to continue.
  6. An exact copy of the memory card will be created. This .dmg file should be backed up for any future use.

*It is strongly suggested that video and still image files be transferred OFF the disk image before working with them. Do not work directly from the card. DMG images are for archiving and back up use only - they are not suitable to work off of.

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